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Adobe Announces New Versions of Audition & Premiere Pro

Adobe Systems Inc. has announced new versions of its audio editing, mixing, and mastering software Audition and its video editing software Premiere Pro. Audition and Premiere Pro are core components of the Adobe Video Collection 2.5, which also includes After Effects 6.5 and Adobe Encore DVD 1.5.

"The new features in Adobe Audition 1.5 will have an immediate impact on my work. No other tool offers anything like the new Frequency Space editing feature, and the fast CD-burning, and preroll and postroll playback features mean that Audition can play an even more essential role in my workflow," said Steve Garnett, owner and chief engineer, Garnett Assoc. "Now I can edit my audio with even greater speed and precision to get exactly the results I want."

"The launch of Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 reinforces its position as the video editing platform of choice on Windows, with impressive new features and outstanding integration with essential Adobe video products, such as After Effects and Photoshop CS," said Bryan Lamkin, svp of digital imaging and digital video at Adobe. "Adobe also leads the way in HD with the help of our partners, enabling customers to purchase a professional HD desktop system, based on Premiere Pro, for under $5,000."

The new Frequency Space editing feature in Adobe Audition 1.5 includes Spectral View, which enables users to visually isolate and select any sound that spans a range of frequencies for a particular duration, and apply effects to or edit that sound. This can be used in cleaning up an interview marred by a cell phone ring, or heightening the impact of a professionally-recorded session.

The new Pitch Correction tool enables users to fix off-pitch vocal performances and create pitch-based special effects. The new version also includes the Automatic Click/Pop Eliminator and the new Center Channel Extractor, which adjusts the relative volumes of vocals and instruments in a mix. Adobe Audition 1.5 also adds more than 500 new royalty-free production music loops as well as 20 sample sessions.

Audition 1.5 also supports transferring audio with ReWire. VST plug-in support makes thousands of third-party effects available to Adobe Audition users, who can easily share VST effects with Adobe Premiere Pro users. Video support in Adobe Audition has also been enhanced -- video filmstrips appear in the Multitrack View, markers from Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 are imported with AVI movies, and support has been added for a wide range of video formats.

A new CD Project View makes it easy to burn discs and check projects, or produce finished audio CDs. Using the new Clip Time Stretching feature, users can visually drag the edge of any audio clip in the Multitrack View to fit a specific length of time without affecting pitch. Customizable preroll and postroll previews allow users to listen to their edits in context.

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 includes new tools that encompass the entire post-production process from DV to high definition (HD) video, allowing users to generate professional-grade video productions on the desktop. Support for the import and export of industry standards such as Edit Decision Lists (EDL) and the Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) also is included in Adobe Premiere Pro. This enables Adobe Premiere Pro to be used in mixed editing environments where moving back and forth between editing systems is common. Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 also supports Panasonic's line of 24P DV cameras, which give video a film-like appearance. Premiere Pro 1.5 also extends Adobe Premiere Pro software's HD capability and will be supported by a wide range of new HD solutions from such companies as BlackMagic, Bluefish, BOXX Technologies, Canopus, CineForm, Matrox, and 1 Beyond.

Premiere Pro 1.5's new project management and creative tools expand options for editors and make managing projects easier. The new Project Manager enables editors to quickly remove unused material, consolidate files for transport or archiving and easily manage the transition between off-line and on-line editing. Audio enhancements improve the positioning and editing of audio clips, including new VST filters and the Adobe Photoshop CS inspired one-click color correction simplifies the process of correcting color and levels of an image, frame or entire timeline.

Moreover, with the addition of Bezier keyframe controls, editors now have the ability to control both the path and the velocity to make for smoother, more natural animations. The newly added Effects Favorites option enable editors to save any effect parameter as a preset option to use again. Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 also includes hundreds of commonly used effects such as Picture-in-Picture.

Audition 1.5 for Windows 2000 and Windows XP will be available in the second quarter of 2004 for the estimated street price of $299. Registered users of Adobe Audition 1.0 or Cool Edit Pro 2.x can upgrade for an estimated street price of $69. Registered users of Cool Edit Pro 1.x or Cool Edit 2000 can upgrade to the new version for an estimated price of $169.

Premiere Pro 1.5 for Windows XP will be available in the second quarter of 2004 to customers in the U.S. and Canada through Adobe Authorized Resellers and the Adobe Store at The estimated street price for Adobe Premiere Pro will be $699. Registered users of Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0 can upgrade for an estimated street price of $99.

Adobe Video Collection 2.5 Professional Edition for Windows XP will be available for an estimated street price of $999.

Adobe produces digital imaging, design and document technology platforms for consumers, creative professionals and enterprises. For more information, visit

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