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Adobe After Effects 6.0 Offers Advanced Text Engine, New Tools

Adobe Systems Inc. launches After Effects 6.0, an extensive upgrade of its award-winning motion graphics and visual effects software. This major release integrates a new text engine for creating unique and compelling typographic animations. Available for Windows and Mac OS X, Adobe After Effects 6.0 helps professionals meet tough production challenges by increasing productivity with features such as OpenGL support, and other major performance improvements. Additional advances include integrated vector paint, a new motion tracker, keying tools and scripting support.

The new text capabilities in After Effects 6.0 allow users to type, edit and format text directly in the Composition window, providing immediate results. With accuracy and efficiency, After Effects users can edit and format text from imported Photoshop files and can animate characters, ranges of characters, words or lines, independently within a single text layer. The advanced text engine allows designers to control the animation of text in new ways, resulting in even more creative main title sequences.

Performance optimizations, including support for OpenGL, a cross-platform standard for accelerating rendering of 2D and 3D graphics, dramatically improve the speed and interactivity of on-screen rendering in After Effects 6.0. In addition, After Effects 6.0 Professional edition provides an extremely fast and accurate motion tracker. New vector paint tools, based on Adobe Photoshop technology, allow professionals to enhance projects by painting on any layer, retouching footage and creating mattes. The Clone Stamp tool allows After Effects users to clone across a sequence of frames over time. After Effects 6.0 Professional edition also includes Keylight, an Academy Award-winning keying technology from The Foundry.

Adobe After Effects 6.0 comes in two editions, Professional and Standard. After Effects Professional edition is designed for demanding production environments. It combines 2D and 3D compositing, animation and effects tools from the Standard edition with advanced features, including motion tracking and stabilization controls; additional keying tools; more than 30 additional effects; and render automation using scripting and 16-bit per channel color support. The After Effects Professional edition also includes several third party plug-ins, including 3D Assistants Lite from Digital Anarchy and Zaxwerks Invigorator Classic. For businesses that don't require these additional features, a Standard edition with the core set of motion graphics and visual effects tools is also available.

Adobe After Effects 6.0 includes tighter integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop, and is offered as a standalone application or as part of the new Adobe Video Collection.

Adobe After Effects for Mac OS X 10.2.6, Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP is expected to ship in the U.S. and Canada by the end of August 2003. After Effects 6.0 will be available for an estimated street price of $699 for the Standard edition and an estimated street price of $999 for the Professional Edition. Registered users of the Standard edition can upgrade to After Effects 6.0 for an estimated street price of $199. Registered users of the Professional edition can upgrade to After Effects 6.0 for an estimated street price of $299. Owners of previous versions of the Standard edition can upgrade to the Professional edition for an estimated street price of $499. Both versions will be available through Adobe's licensing and education programs.

The Zaxwerks Invigorator Classic plug-in is not available in the education and upgrade versions of the Adobe After Effects 6.0 Professional edition.

Information about the availability of other language versions of Adobe After Effects 6.0, as well as other details on pricing and support policies, is available online at For more information, customers in North America may call 1-888-724-4507.

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