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ADi Brings Child's Artwork to Life For Clean Water Commercials

Press Release from ADi

Portland, Oregon -- June 2, 2009 -- ADi, a Portland-based computer animation company, tapped into the creativity of a Portland, Oregon area child to create three 30-second commercials for Cappelli Miles' [spring] Clean Water Services campaign. The commercials will be broadcast on Comcast Cable and in displays in Albertson's stores. Each commercial promotes a simple and easy way to help protect clean water.

Cappelli Miles [spring] developed a print campaign for Clean Water Services based on a young artist's interpretation of keeping water clean. ADi's designers built upon the existing artwork and used the same imagery in animating the commercials. They went to great lengths to keep the animation child-like.

"A key message that we needed to convey in the commercials was that protecting our water is so easy a child can do it," commented Kate Ertmann, President and Executive Producer at ADi. "We wanted to keep the animation simple, yet entertaining. We had a great concept to work with and continued that style in the animation. I think those watching the commercials will feel what Eliot, the young artist, was trying to convey through his drawings. Through animation, we were able to bring his drawings to life."

Traditionally ADi creates 2D animation that is as smooth and life-like as possible. This project was different in that the designers wanted to keep the animation similar to the original concept. It was actually a challenge to keep the end-result rough and preserve the appearance of the child's artwork.

Animation has become a valuable way to educate audiences in schools, businesses and communities because it has been shown through studies to improve information retention. "It's always better to show an audience what you want them to learn rather than tell them," continued Ertmann. "We have had great success putting a visually interesting story together to explain a process. For example we have done some work for companies such as Intel where animation has been successful in showing how a product is put together. The lesson is much more impactful and memorable in the long term."

To view the commercials, visit and click on the case study for Clean Water Services.