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Ad Studio Invades Video For Get Down

São Paulo, Brazil-based AD Studio has created the visual effects for latest music video from Brazilian band AD, entitled "Get Down." The video features an animated alien playing the role of lead singer, three robots hammering away on their musical instruments and over 13,200 dancing aliens. All the modeling, animation and rendering were done with Electric Image's Universe 3D animation system, utilizing some 3D party shaders and plug-ins and compositing separate rendering passes with Adobe After Effects. The modeling and animations were created using G4 computers (two 500Mhz and one 450 Mhz), and final renders were performed with a render farm of up to 17 computers using Renderama, the included network rendering application for Universe. "We had a song full of energy that needed to have a live situation, so we created this arena inside the UFO with all of the clichés and characteristics of a concert on Earth, but transported to an alien universe," said F/X director Tomas Egger. "The most amazing aspects of this particular production were the complexity of the shots which often boasted over 80 animated lights, 10 million polygons, smoke effects, hundreds of effectors and thousands of textures. This seemed like it was beyond the limits of a small studio, but Electric Image's Universe handled it flawlessly."

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