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Actors Ossie Davis & John Vernon Die

Actor John Vernon passed away in his sleep on Feb. 1, 2005, at his Los Angeles home. He was 72 years old. The death is attributed to complications from heart surgery he had on Jan. 16. His animation work included Rupert Thorne on BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, and Major Glenn Talbot, Sub-Mariner and Iron Man on THE MARVEL SUPERHEROES SHOW as well as WILDFIRE (1986), THE INCREDIBLE HULK (1996-97), PINKY AND THE BRAIN (1995-98) and HEAVY METAL (1981). Vernon is best known for his role as Dean Wormer in 1978's ANIMAL HOUSE.

Additionally, recent Kennedy Center award winner Ossie Davis passed away in his hotel room in Miami Beach, Florida. He was 87 years old. The legendary actor and activists only animation role was as the voice of Yar in Disney's DINOSAUR (2000).

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