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Actor’s Strike of Games Looming

Final negotiations are coming to a final stage in the discussions between the Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA and a group of major videogame publishers, reports VARIETY. The current contract is in its second extension and the actors unions have said there will not extend it again after the Friday deadline. The current contract was hammered out with Electronic Arts and nearly 70 other companies followed its guidelines. Unlike the film and TV industry that have the Assn. of Motion Picture & Television Producers representing them in collective bargaining, the videogaming companies are going it alone in a loosely organized fashion.

The actors demands cover wages, pensions, health benefits and the lucrative area of residuals. Recently, SAG and AFTRA signed a new film and TV agreement that included small gains in wages, pension and health contributions but no raise in the decades-old residuals formula for DVD and homevideo. Currently, there are no residuals on videogames only minimum pay rates.

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