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Actor Hamilton Joins Stan Lee Media As President

With the Internet becoming a place for strange bedfellows, veteran actor George Hamilton has joined Stan Lee Media as their new president of global branded entertainment. Hamilton will be responsible for signing new Hollywood talent and provide voice work for animated programs. In addition, Hamilton will develop an on-line lifestyles magazine that may have cross-over hopes in television. Hamilton is a proven business man running a successful bar and restaurant chain, production company and cigar brand. The actor is best known for his spoof flicks like ZORRO, THE GAY BLADE and LOVE AT FIRST BITE. Hamilton told THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, "The Internet is the most intense growth challenge since the advent of television. Im on the Net all the time. Its a God-send if you know how to use it right. Theres an enormous potential to earn money on the Internet. What actors dont get is that they are brands, just like Coke and Nike, and they need to treat themselves that way."

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