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Activision Invites Everyone to the Carnival With Shrek's Carnival Craze

Activision Publishing's CARNIVAL CRAZE, a brand new addition to its enormously popular videogame franchise based on DreamWorks Animation's SHREK. The game is available now for Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2 and PC.

Shrek's CARNIVAL CRAZE combines the twisted fairytale humor of SHREK with the fun of the carnival midway in 28 action-packed party games. Featuring cast favorites from all three movies, including Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss In Boots, Prince Charming and Gingy, players will compete to become King or Queen of the carnival in games like Pinocchio's Ring Toss, Frog Fling, Rapunzel's Hair Climb, Milking Mayhem, Candy Keep Away and more.

Fans will feel like they are stepping inside SHREK's world as the game takes them into a variety of unique locations that are inspired by the films. Players will be able to compete in Gingyland, 3 Blind Mice Midway, Fiona's Funhouse, The Poison Apple, Pinocchio Park, and an unlockable area, Shrek's Swamp.

In Shrek's CARNIVAL CRAZE, players can work together as a team or challenge each other in head-to-head or group challenges. Players who experience the game on Wii will be able to use intuitive controls that are designed to take full advantage of the system's motion sensing capabilities.

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