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Activision acquires Elsinore Multimedia

Activision, Inc. has acquired Elsinore Multimedia, a software developmentcompany that designed the Cabela's Big Game Hunter series for Activision'sHead Games Publishing unit. As a result of the acquisition, which wascompleted on June 29, 1999, Elsinore has become a wholly owned subsidiaryof Activision. Based in Hollywood, Florida, Elsinore Multimedia is asoftware development company that produces products for the Windowsplatform. In addition to the Cabela's Big Game Hunter titles, the companyis also known for the Essential Language Software titles which have beenhighly successful in their categories since their release. Headquartered inSanta Monica, California, Activision, Inc. is a developer, publisher anddistributor of interactive entertainment products. Founded in 1979,Activision posted revenues of $436 million for the fiscal year ended March31, 1999.