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Action Isn't Spider-Man's Only Reward

Marvel's comic book superhero spun yet another record, along with massive box office receipts as SPIDER-MAN dominated the number one spot for the second weekend in a row. The film, with visual effects by Sony Imageworks, earned $72M in its second frame for a total gross of $223.6M, making it the fastest film ever to reach the $200M mark. SPIDER-MAN crossed $200M on Saturday May 11th, 9 days after it was released. This beats the previous record held by STAR WARS: EPISODE I which took 13 days to earn $200M. With box office totals dropping just 37% in its second week, SPIDER-MAN looks poised to hold up well against the next STAR WARS installment, EPISODE II "ATTACK OF THE CLONES," which will be in theaters this Thursday. Look for Spidey to nab a strong second place finish next weekend. Two new films UNFAITHFUL and THE NEW GUY, debuting with $14.2M and $9.5M respectively, held the second and third place spots in this weekend's box office. THE SCORPION KING, with visual effects by Centropolis FX, landed in fourth with $4.3M and a four-week gross of $80.3M. Slipping one spot to ninth place, ICE AGE got caught in Spidey's $200M Web, losing its title as the highest grossing film in 2002. Blue Sky's CG comedy has earned $170.8M to date. Box office information obtained from

Surprised that Spider-Man is racking up such huge sums at the box office? Danny Fingeroth isn't, as he explains, there's a little Spidey in all of us.

In the midst of Spider-Man mania, Danny also caught up with two of the most popular producers in showbiz Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad to talk about box office success, becoming a geek, creative changes and the new animated television show.