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Acting For Animators With Ed Hooks

* Saturday, November 4 Monday, November 6, 2000. Marburg (Frankfurt), Germany.

PC Creator Studios is offering a public acting workshop under the supervision of acting-veteran Ed Hooks. Hooks has taught at Pacific Data Images during the making of the feature film ANTZ, Will Vinton Studios, Mondo Media, OddWorld Inhabitants as well as several film schools and colleges around the world. The class will feature topics such as character analysis, essential acting principles for animators, importance of empathy and how to achieve it in your work, power centers and Laban Movement Analysis. For more information contact PC Creator Studios at: Rother Weg 3, D-35112 Fronhausen, Germany; Tel.: ++49 (0) 6426 921832; Fax: ++49 (0) 6426 921831; E-mail:; or Web:

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