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The Acrobat Issue Of Animation World Magazine Is Now Online!

The September 2001 Acrobat issue of Animation World Magazine is now on-line! In this issue, go behind the scenes of two recent feature films. John Edgar Park examines Final Fantasy to discover the staggering amount of skill, time and technical savvy it takes to bring synthespians to the big screen. E=mc2, the effects team for the film Jeepers Creepers, give you step by step explanations of some of the effects in the film. Both Leslie Cabarga and Aleksandra Korejwo answer Will Ryan's 9 1/2 questions. Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman gives us his predictions on what might have happened if we'd been giving an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film since 1937. Gene Deitch tackles the shifting definition of animation. Jerry Beck reviews the Disney Channel's latest pre-school offering, Stanley. Danny Fingeroth recounts the San Diego Comic-Con, an event that has grown to include not only the best of the comic book scene, but also the coolest Hollywood talent and inside scoops and previews. Will Ryan reviews the new book Buster Keaton Remembered and Fred Patten takes a look at some of the latest anime video releases. John Edgar Park reviews nVidia's Quadro DCC and delves into the history and purpose of graphics cards. We also hear from regulars The Animation Pimp and Catherine Winder and Zahra Dowlatabadi's Producing Animation.