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The Acrobat Issue Of Animation World Magazine Is Now On-Line!

This Month: Licensing and Merchandising...

It is already October and time to start predicting which toy will be this Holiday season's Furby. Martin Goodman is here with a look at what Santa will - and will not - have in his sack this Yuletide. AWN's Rick DeMott takes a look at "The Powerpuff Girls" phenomenon and the building of a franchise. Who are the brains behind the marketing of "Pokemon?" Meet 4Kids, the company most recently called the "Fastest-Growing Company in America" by Forbes Magazine. Brett Rogers explores. So, what comes first - the successful show or the licensing and merchandising deal? Michael Hurwicz studies this modern day "chicken vs. the egg" question. Finally, Michael Mallory reveals some forgotten advertising studios. Think you know everything about animation history? You'll want to read this one...

We also have a profile of Rene Jodoin by Chris Robinson. Glenn Vilppu is back, as is Lee Dannacher with a look at MediaTrip. Meanwhile, Jacquie Kubin takes Humongous Entertainment by storm. We also have book and event reviews so it is another informative and fun issue.

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