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The Acrobat Issue Of Animation World Magazine Is Now On-Line!

Our August issue, Internet And Computer Animation, features a number

of special articles. In the Internet animation section we are

featuring a theoretical look at what might have happened if animation

legends such as Tex Avery had the freedom of the Internet at their

disposal. Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman tells us the tale. Plus, leading

content producers reveal what tools they are using, and two of

AtomFilm Studios' best give advice on setting up your own home studio

and producing great work. Wildbrain's Chris Lanier also discusses the

aesthetics of Web animation and decides that like comic books, the

tools don't provide limitations but rather creative freedoms. In

addition, Jacquie Kubin profiles the limitless world of Internet

gaming for us.

In the computer animation portion we have a special profile of

Mainframe Entertainment in Vancouver, Canada. We, of course, also

feature news and views straight from SIGGRAPH 2000. In other coverage

we get an update on the much talked about Canadian animation market

from Chris Robinson and Andrew Osmond takes us on a tour of Britain's

summer animation festivals. Just what is coming up to fill Cardiff's

gap? Andrew tells us about a lot of exciting events. Glenn Vilppu is

back with his second installment from his new book about sketching on

location, as well as Maureen Furniss and Lee Dannacher with "Fresh

from the Festivals" and a profile of Stan Lee Media respectively.

Plus, there's much, much more...even if we say so ourselves it is a

great issue!

This Acrobat issue is available at