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The Acrobat Issue Of Animation World Magazine Is Now On-Line!

This Month: Comics and Adult Animation...

This month Animation World Magazine is featuring stories on Fox's feature film, "The X-Men," and superstar Todd McFarlane. We are also remembering the careers of Charles Schultz, Dale Messick and Edward Gorey. Joseph Szadkowski is going behind the scenes to take a look at the tools of comic book production. We are also looking at the sophisticated themes of Jiri Trnka's films and Martin Goodman is investigating why some folks still won't accept animation as an art form. Lee Dannacher is continuing her profiles of Internet companies by taking on, and Jacquie Kubin is continuing with her gaming column as well. As for events we are offering film reviews direct from the Annecy International Animation Festival by Maureen Furniss. We are also featuring an interview with Serge Bromberg, Annecy's artistic director, and a very special history lesson from AWN's Annick Teninge commemorating Annecy's forty years of celebrating animation.

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