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The Acrobat Issue Of Animation World Magazine Is Now On-Line

This Month: Voice Acting And Music & Sound...

This month we are taking a look at the sound that accompanies the art

of animation. Michael Lyons talks with two-time Academy award winning

duo, the Sherman Brothers, who are responsible for the songs and

music in such classics as Mary Poppins. Andrew Osmond profiles Joe

Hisaishi, the man who has scored all six of Hayao Miyazaki's major

films, including "Princess Mononoke." We also meet the team behind

the music and songs for DreamWorks' "The Road to El Dorado" and learn

how they brought their experience to animation and married it to the

moving image. Voice-over legend Frank Welker is interviewed, and

Laura Schiff discusses with the experts what to look for in a

voice-acting workshop. You are going to want to read this before

signing up anywhere!

Our area of focus is Vancouver -- while the weather may be cool and

rainy the animation scene is hot. Continuing her Internet company

profiles, Lee Dannacher gives us the inside scoop on Shockwave and

their high profile deals. Jacquie Kubin kicks off her monthly gaming

column with an interview with David Kirk, whose world of "Miss

Spider" is coming to CD-Rom. Plus, Glenn Vilppu is back with another

instructional installment and much, much more...

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