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The Acrobat Issue Of Animation World Magazine Is Now On-Line!

In this issue we are looking at a few current topics in the technology realm. What does the future hold for the high-end computer software/hardware companies? Have their glory days passed? Are all these new software versions really necessary? With the help of industry veteran Richard Taylor, Bruce Manning tackles a few of these topics and more. Mark Winstanley is outlining how software packages are becoming Web-export capable and John Edgar Park profiles and offers advice on low cost software/hardware systems which offer high-end results. Martin Goodman is looking back at John K.'s landmark series, "Ren and Stimpy." Gerard Raiti is focusing on the new trend of taking small screen animation hits to the big screen. From the "Recess" gang to Rugrats to Powerpuff Girls, they are all getting their turn to shine on the big screen. Chris Robinson is providing us with yet another Animation Pimp rave and a profile of independent filmmaker Piotr Sapegin. In event reviews, we hear from "Romanov's" Chris Lanier about his recent trip to Sundance, the latest cool stuff at Toy Fair in New York and news from the 4th Crossroads of the Image of the Indian Ocean event, held on Reunion island. Also, Fred Patten returns with five more anime faves and Jon Hofferman debuts with "Fresh From The Festivals."

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