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Academy announces scientific achievements Oscar list

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Scientific and TechnicalAwards Committee has announced nineteen scientific or technicalachievements to be considered for 1999 Academy Awards. The Sci/Techcommittee selected the achievements for their outstanding impact on themotion picture industry, and although this is just an initial list (the 19products/developments will undergo vigorous investigation by the committeebefore being short-listed for nomination), it is exciting news for many inthe animation and visual effects industry. Achievements on the listinclude: Dream Quest Images 'Hookah Hybrid Atmospheric Physics Simulatorand Renderer' (which is used to simulate and render gaseous naturalphenomena such as smoke, clouds, tornadoes and blowing sand); PDI's'Character Modeling System;' ILM's 'Prerender' and 'Skin Animation System;'and Alias|Wavefront's 'Interactive Photorealistic Rendering System' (asseen in Maya).