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Absolute Showers on Multiple Continents

New York and London-based VFX studio Absolute recently teamed with Director Aaron Stoller and WCRS London to tour the Eastern half of the globe.

Press Release from Absolute

New York and London-based VFX studio Absolute recently teamed with Director Aaron Stoller and WCRS London to tour the Eastern half of the globe. Along the way, they created some pretty cool FX work for Radox - Men's Shower and Shampoo products between cocktails.

With an upcoming stop in Dubai for the three-spot Designed for the Men of the World campaign, Absolute first helped create India, a clip starring smooth-talking "actor, producer, superstar" Abhi Mumtaz. Touring his lavish quarters, he celebrates the arrival of Radox's new product, which will finally offer men a way to look and feel good as women who use multiple beauty products. Absolute's magic kicks in when Mumtaz pulls a bottle of the gel and it multiplies into two bottles hanging over the cartoonish words "shower" and "shampoo" that hang in the air to emphasize the product's dual uses. The spot ends with Mumtaz' declaration, "If I don't care where my hair stops and my body starts, neither should my shower gel" as he disrobes and turned toward the shower, revealing a thick carpet of back hair - another Absolute masterpiece.

Japan required the most intense post work. When a man inadvertently knocks a half dozen shelves worth of his girlfriend's bath products off the wall, waking her, an animated creature materializes in the doorway. "Bathroom full of lady stuff? Then you need new Radox for Men Shower and Shampoo!" The remainder of the spot is a silly mix of live action and animation, as the couple dances alongside the creature in brightly colored animated panels.

Working out of the London hub, the Absolute crew created the effects in Flame, Combustion and After Effects. Tom Cardo-Moreno of BlindPig, the design/animation arm of Absolute, led the 2D animation side, working closely with the entire creative team.

"We worked with WCRS and Sonny early on to ensure that the whole design - from live action to animation - flowed together smoothly," noted Absolute EP Andrew Swepson. "We showcased many of our strengths with this campaign, both because the work was top quality and because each spot required such different approaches."

Credits:Client: RadoxSpot Title(s): India (featured), Japan (featured), DubaiAir Date: October 2010

Agency: WCRS LondonCreative(s): Kit Dayaram, Tom SpiceCD: Yan ElliotAgency Producer: Lesley WilliamsProduction Assistant: Joseph Pawsey

Prod Company: Sonny LondonDirector: Aaron StollerDP: Ian FosterEP: Helen KennyProducer: Georgina Wilson

Editorial: WhitehouseEditor: Adam Marshall

Design/Animation: BlindPig2D Animator: Tom Cardo-Moreno

Post/Effects: Absolute PostLead Flame Artist(s): Phil Oldham, Mike SmithCombustion: David De MinEP: Andrew SwepsonProducer: Dan Bennett

Telecine: Moving Picture CompanyColorist: Paul Harrison

Music: Beacon Street Studios LA

Audio Post: WaveMixer: Parv Thind

Shoot Location: Prague

About Absolute:Founded in 2004 by David Smith, one of the world's leading Flame artists, Absolute is a high-end VFX studio working within the commercial, emerging media, music video, and film communities. With offices in New York and London, Absolute over the years has collected numerous industry accolades including two BTAA awards, a D&AD pencil, a Cannes Lion, an APA Collection Diamond, three Andy wins and an MTV video statue. The New York office opened in 2007, helmed by CD Dirk Greene, to further facilitate Absolute's international client roster with a growing Flame and CG service.

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