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AARGH! co-produces Cold-Eeze spots

Orlando, Florida-based AARGH! ANIMATION, INC. (not related to the abovecompany) is co-producing a series of :10 and :30 spots for Cold-Eeze coldmedicine that combines live-action with cel animation. Mark Simon and DaveKallaher directed the animation. The three :10 spots consist of a celanimated plane that swoops into frame over a six layer multi-plane ofmoving clouds. The computer generated product packages fly out of the planeand are presented close to camera. In the :30 spots, live-action passengerson a plane turn into animated caricatures of themselves when they sneeze.The scenes were shot with a motion control camera on a 747 jet mock-up atDisney/MGM Studios in Orlando. AARGH! rotoscoped the animation, whilegiving it a cartoony flair, which was then composited over a combination ofthe live-action and the clean plate. David Nixon of David Nixon Productionsdirected the live-action.