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Aardman Launches Morph Competition has teamed up with Aardman Animations -- the creators of Morph -- to launch an animation competition entitled Morphmation. Inspired by the popular Make your Own Morph product that the gift e-tailer sells, Firebox will be encouraging Morph lovers to send in their two-minute stop-motion animations starring the lovable clay figure.

The film festival with a difference will run for six weeks -- from mid March until the end of April. Budding animators can upload their entries onto's dedicated webpage: The e-tailer will then select the five funniest and wackiest Morph adventures and display them on Aardman's YouTube channel, whereupon fans can rate and comment upon the entries. When choosing the final winner, Aardman will take these comments into account.

The Morphmation winner will receive a one-off signed original sketch -- taken from a scene within their film -- drawn by Peter Lord, Creative Director of Aardman and co-creator of Morph. Runners up will receive a copy of Stop Motion Pro software and an Animation Station product.

Christian Robinson, managing director of commented, "TAKE HART was one of my personal favorite TV shows growing up: Tony Hart was an absolute inspiration, and the characters of Morph, Chas and Nailbrush will always have a soft spot in my heart."

Peter Lord, Creative Director of Aardman and co-creator of Morph, said, "We started animating with modeling clay because it was cheap and easily available, but we discovered, as we went along, that it's also amazing fun. Modeling clay is really perfect for animation and I'm really excited to see what you can do with it. Amaze me!"