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Aardman Announces New Episode of 'Home Sheep Home 2'

Aardman and Chillingo announce the launch of the latest episode in the award-winning “Home Sheep Home 2” game suite.

Bristol, UK, --

Aardmanand Chillingoannounced the launch of the latest episode in the Home Sheep Home 2 suite, the award winning game which has achieved over 75 million plays to date. The release of the new episode coincides with the launch of an exclusive new Mac OS version, on which the new adventure will be available as an in app purchase for just 69p.

Featuring characters from the international, award-winning TV show Shaun the Sheep, the new puzzle in this popular adventure game, billed as a "Lost in Space," sees Shaun, Shirley and Timmy playing the lost sheep in a stunning new outer space environment. 

As with earlier episodes, a comical event leads the wayward sheep away from the farm and the player must help them find their way back, facing a series of physics-based challenges along the journey home.  The flock wind up in a nearby alien space ship and find themselves contending with portals, force fields and planetary gravity.  Eventually, Shaun and his friends find a rocket crashed on an outer-space asteroid and have to find a way to fire it up so they can get back to Earth.

Lorna Probert, Head of Aardman Digital says: “We’re delighted with the ongoing success of the Home Sheep Home series and are excited both to be bringing fans new content with their latest adventure in space and to be reaching out to a wider audience with its launch into the Mac OS marketplace”

Home Sheep Home 2 is currently available across three platforms, with web and PC download versions developed by Aardman Digital and an iOS version created by Bristol development studio Mobile Pie and published by leading games publisher Chillingo of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope fame.  

To play the new episode ‘Lost in Space’ visit the site or get the Mac OS Version

Source: Aardman Animation