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A52 Rocks Steady With No Doubt

Visual effects company A52, by way of FM Rocks, has completed 3D design and effects work for No Doubt's "Hey Baby," the first video and single from the band's upcoming release Rock Steady. The video, directed by Dave Meyers, debuted on MTV on November 7. Crafted as a tribute to the band's female groupies, the video involves live-action scenes shot in various locations around Los Angeles, as well as green-screen footage that was composited into three CG worlds created by the artists at A52. "A52 helped me create 3D worlds out of some design elements that [lead singer] Gwen Stefani wanted to use," said Meyers. A52's project producers Scott Boyahan and Jon Jacobson worked with visual effects supervisor Patrick Murphy and A52's full complement of visual effects artists to provide clean-up, color-grading and finishing for live-action elements via discreet flame and inferno and Henry Infinity but also to incorporate the 3D design elements. "One of the great shots is where we have the 'words in space' effect," said FM Rocks project producer Ron Mohrhoff. "We shot Gwen on a turntable and as she turns the whole world kind of turns in behind her; that one hero shot in the middle of the video is an especially cool piece of CGI work." A52 CGI team also created the undulating 3D houndstooth surface, which along with the other 3D backgrounds was created using Silicon Grail Chalice software, animated and lit in Side Effects Software's Houdini and composited in Chalice, all running on SGI Octane workstations. The animations were rendered on SGI Origin 2000 via Pixar's Renderman.