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a52 Helps Nescafé Smell the Roses

The VFX team at a52 teams with Rock Paper Scissors editor Damion Clayton to create a dreamlike 60-second spot for Nescafé.


What if you could take advantage of every opportunity you ever missed, all at once? The VFX team at a52, along with Rock Paper Scissors editor Damion Clayton, help Nescafé and twofifteenmccann explore this dazzling concept in a dreamlike 60-second spot.

“Reminders” follows a young father and husband as he strolls past a brick alleyway filled with every flower he never smelled, a radiant sky beaming with every sunrise he never watched, and more arresting moments in a series of increasingly surreal visuals – each progressing toward a heartwarming conclusion.

Source: a52

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