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9 Story Entertainment Announces Sales to Luk International

9 Story Entertainment announces sales of their animated children’s series to Luk International for Spain and Portugal.

Press release from 9 Story Entertainment:

Cannes, France – 9 Story Entertainment announces  sales of their animated children’s series’ Camp Lake Bottom (52 x 11’),  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (80 x 11’)  and Numb Chucks (52 x 11’) to Luk International

for Spain and Portugal.   Luk International also handles sales in these territories for 9 Story’s animated series Almost Naked Animals (104 x 11 min), Best Ed (52x11’) and Futz! (26X3’).

Camp Lake Bottom is a new animated comedy about 12-year old mastermind and ultra-rich kid McGee, who gets sent to the most dangerous and exciting summer camp in the world, Camp Lakebottom.  The cabins are possessed, the staff members are a real creep show and McGee and his misfit pals are having way too much fun!

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a delightful new animated preschool series featuring Daniel, a shy but brave 4-year-old tiger, who with the help of his neighbors, family, and friends learns key skills necessary for school and for life.

Numb Chucks is a new animated comedy about two half-witted woodchuck vigilantes, Dilweed and Fungus, who use their non-existent kung-fu skills to protect the lives of all the citizens in Ding-a-Ling Springs, whether they need it or not.