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7ate9 Produces Spots For Playhouse Disney's A-Z Promotional Campaign

The alphabet and 26 animals. These were the ingredients Atlanta, Georgia-based animation studio 7ate9 had to work with to create a series of 6 30-second promotional spots for Playhouse Disney's A-Z campaign. The campaign features Stanley, the star of the eponymous animated series about an imaginative boy who is wild about animals. "It's really a great show," said David Glasgal, coordinating producer at 7ate9. "It speaks to the imagination of young children and I really enjoy it myself. The purpose of this campaign is to help parents start working towards saving up for their children's education." The spots were created as a part of a promotional sweepstakes for Disney, who will be showing 26 episodes of STANLEY each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. Each letter and episode is represented by an animal and provides a chance for parents to win money towards their child's education. "Our goal in creating these spots is to inform the parent's about the scholarship money and bring Stanley and his animal friends to life, all in a 30-second nutshell," added 7ate9 production manager Joan Karpeles. Created using animation of the STANLEY characters, along with original 3D graphics and CGI background environments, the spots will air on the Playhouse Disney A-Z event starting September 16, 2002.

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