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57th Columbus International Film + Video Festival

57th Columbus International Film + Video FestivalColumbus, Ohio, USADeadline: July 1, 2009

The Film Council Of Greater Columbus is accepting entries for the 57th Columbus International Film + Video Festival. The CIF+VF is the oldest film festival in North America and is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world for documentary and instructional works. The Chris Award, which the festival bestows upon outstanding entries, is recognized worldwide as an indication of excellence and is highly sought after by producers and directors.

Our new slate of divisions for 2009 celebrates the traditional forms of cinema while charting a roadmap to the future of film. You'll find familiar divisions, like Social Issues or Animation, but you'll also find innovations, such as the groundbreaking "Basement Film" division. The CIF+VF understands that the future of film lies in integration and cross-pollination and is therefore committed to honoring every strata of filmmaking, from the avant-garde to commercial work.

The CIF+VF is a week-long festival held in November in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Filmmakers from around the world attend the festival, which culminates in an awards ceremony and reception.

The Call for Entry regulations and Entry Forms are available at:

Entry deadline July 1 2009.