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5,000-Year-Old Animation Found in Iran

A 5,000-year-old animated piece on an earthen goblet was found in Burnt City in Sistan-Baluchistan province, southeastern Iran, reports IRANIAN.WS. On this ancient piece, the artist portrayed a goat jumping toward a tree to eat leaves.

The earthenware found in Burnt City, one of the most developed of ancient civilizations, show the images of goat and fish more than any other subject.

On this goblet, with a diameter of 8 cm and height of 10 cm, the images show movement in an intricate way that is an unprecedented discovery. Some earthenware found in Burnt City show repetitive images, but none of them implicate any movements.

"While excavating the grave in which the cream-colored goblet has been found, we came across a skeleton that probably belongs to the creator of this piece," Mansour Sajjadi, the Iranian archeologist responsible for excavations in Burnt City told CHN.

The archeologists have managed to make an animated piece on the basis of these images in the form of a 20-second film.

Sajjadi said, "The images we have come across in Burnt City have no precedence in prehistoric times."

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