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The 4th Animation Show of Shows

Ron Diamond, founder of Acme Filmworks and Animation World Network(, will present the 4th Animation Show of Shows, featuring the newest and best in international animated short films, all in 35mm. The series will only be presented at private screenings starting the week of January 12, 2003. The presentation will open for members of ASIFA-San Francisco then continue on to the animation departments at Industrial Light and Magic, Pixar, Pacific Data Images (PDI), DreamWorks, Rhythm and Hues, and Disney Feature Animation. The program showcases a diverse selection of short animated films. Among the works featured will be Academy Award nominee Chris Hintons new film FLUX (Canada), in addition to Koji Yamamura's MT. HEAD (Japan), Sergeui Bassine's FROM THE 104TH FLOOR (USA), Tim Miller's AUNT LUISA (USA), Rene Castillo's HASTA LOS HUESOS (Mexico) and Rosto's THE RISE AND FALL OF THE LEGENDARY ANGLO BILLY FEVERSON (The Netherlands). Hinton will be in attendance to answer questions. This is Diamonds fourth production of the Animation Show of Shows. Films are programmed from submissions and screenings attended at various international animation festivals. Past Animation Show of Show programs have included Michael Dudok de Wits Academy Award winning film FATHER AND DAUGHTER and the award winning film WHEN THE DAY BREAKS directed by Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis. For more information, contact Rebecca Battle of Acme Filmworks at 323-464-7805 or e-mail