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4Kids Releases New YU-GI-OH! Volumes

4Kids Entertainment Home Video, Inc., the newly-established home video unit of 4Kids Entertainment, Inc., in association with FUNimation, will release Volumes 7 and 8 of the YU-GI-OH! home videos of the anime sensation on March 18, 2003. DOUBLE TROUBLE DUEL and FACEOFF: YUGI VS. KAIBA, each with three episodes from the hit television series, will be available at retail and at the Website in both DVD and VHS formats. Based on a popular Japanese comic book series, YU-GI-OH! follows Yugi and his friends as they challenge their minds by playing Duel Monsters, using logic and strategy to pair up different mystical creatures with one another in wild, magical duels. The show airs in the U.S. on the Kids' WB! and Cartoon Network. DVD extras include Monster stats, a preview of Konami's new video game YU-GI-OH!: DUELISTS OF THE ROSES and an exclusive YU-GI-OH! music video. Suggested retail price for these 60-minute compilations are DVD $24.98 and VHS $19.96.