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4Kids, Henson Co. Name Japanese Licensee

4Kids Ent. Licensing and The Jim Henson Company have entered into a multi-year agreement with Global Brands Group to serve as the sub-agent and master licensee for the Jim Henson Designs property in Japan.

As sub-agent and master licensee, Global Brands Group will be able to fully exploit the Jim Henson Designs property across most all product categories in Japan, including: accessories, apparel, domestics and linens, footwear, gifts and novelties, housewares, infant and juvenile products, publishing, sporting goods, stationery and paper goods, and toys and games. Global Brands Group will also be able to offer promotional and marketing events in Japan themed to the Jim Henson Designs property, including Jim Henson Designs-branded retail environments and exhibits.

"Until now, Japan has not been exposed to the early creativity and artistry of Jim Henson. We believe that his one-of-a-kind drawings and artwork are sure to make a strong connection in this market," said Marcia Aoki, Managing Director, Global Brands Japan (a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Brands Group). "We are excited for the opportunity to share these works in Japan, as 4Kids has in the United States."

The Jim Henson Designs property includes all names, titles, characters, designs, copyrights and trademarks embodied in, or derived from, selected sketches, doodles, drawings and artwork created by the revered artist, puppeteer and filmmaker, Jim Henson.

Global Brands Group's rights as sub-agent and master licensee shall, pursuant to the agreement, continue into 2012.