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4Kids Entertainment Brings On The RollBots

Amberwood Ent. has appointed 4Kids Ent. as the worldwide merchandise licensing agent and marketing brand manager for its new animated TV series, ROLLBOTS. 4Kids will manage global licensing opportunities, working closely with all licensees of the ROLLBOTS brand, including recently signed master toy licensee Mattel.

ROLLBOTS, a CG animated action-comedy with 26 episodes currently in production, features perfectly round robots with arm and leg appendages that retract, allowing them to roll at extreme speeds on roller-coaster-like tracks through their world, Flip City.

"We see many of the same promising elements in RollBots -- collectibility, transformation and racing -- that we have in some of our most successful brands for this target audience," said Stephen Gould, Co-Managing Director of 4Kids Entertainment International.

The series premieres in the U.S. and Canada, in February 2009. Amberwood will be launching it to other territories at the upcoming MIPCOM Jr. 2008 event in October.