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4Kids & Burger King Promotes New Cubix Series

4Kids Entertainment, Inc. has teamed with Burger King for a national promotion to launch Kids WB!'s upcoming 3D series CUBIX. The series is the first original production for 4Kids and is set to premiere on Saturday morning August 11. The 5-week promotion will run nationally in participating U.S. Burger King restaurants from August 27 through September 30. Burger King will run national TV spots, in-store advertisements, a kids newsletter and a birthday mailer to kids club members in support of the campaign. In addition to the 10 toys offered, each toy comes with a bonus MegaCubix part that kids can collect to build their own 8-inch MegaCubix. "Burger King is using their tremendous marketing ability to introduce millions of kids all across America to the wonderful world of Cubix," said Al Kahn, chairman and chief executive officer of 4Kids Entertainment. "This opportunity combined with the efforts of KIDS WB!, Trendmasters for toys, 3DO for videogames as well as our other licensees will help to make CUBIX a highly visible entertainment property." The show follows the adventures of 13-year-old Connor, a gadget whiz, who brings to life a robot named Cubix that has been discarded as useless.

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