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40th Anniversary Mary Poppins DVD Like a Spoonful of Sugar

The recent 40th anniversary Re-Premiere of the beloved MARY POPPINS at the El Capitan whetted the appetite, reuniting Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke with fellow actors Glynis Johns and Karen Dotrice (who played mother and daughter) and supreme craftsmen Ollie Johnston, Peter Ellenshaw, Eustace Lycett, Bill Justice and Richard Sherman, among others.

Now the new two-disc DVD (Disney DVD, $29.99), which streets Dec. 14, 2004, completes the treat, despite the triple dipping. The picture is much more colorful and vivid, and the 5.1 sound remix is dynamic. There is new commentary by Andrews and Van Dyke; a new 50-minute making-of doc; a nifty featurette that deconstructs rehearsal, effects and animation during Jolly Holiday and Step in Time; and lots more archival material, including. Plus a charming and pretty new animated short, THE CAT THAT LOOKED AT A KING, directed by Dave Bossert.

Bonus features include:* Commentary by actors Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Karen Dotrice, composer Richard Sherman and archival recordings from others, including Walt Disney* THE CAT THAT LOOKED AT A KING animated short* "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: The Making of MARY POPPINS" * Deleted song "Chimpanzoo"* "A Musical Journey with Richard Sherman"* "A Magical Musical Reunion" with Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke and Richard Sherman* Sing Along Songs* Deconstruction of a Scene: "Jolly Holiday & Step In Time* "Movie Magic" - Special Effect featurette* Dick Van Dyke Make-Up Test* The Gala Movie Premiere, trailers, stills, publicity & art galleries* "I Love to Laugh" Set Top Trivia Game* Poppins Pop-up Fun Facts Viewing Mode