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3DBoxx Enhances Spider-Man: Quality Of Life

Spider-Man is getting the 3D treatment on the page as well as the big screen. A series of comic books from Marvel Comics entitled SPIDER-MAN: QUALITY OF LIFE, with artwork created in 3D CGI, have recently hit the shelves. For Spidey's transformation from 2D to 3D character, animators at Blue Dream Studios used 3D Studio Max on a 3DBOXX S3 dual 2.2GHz Intel Xeon workstation with an NVIDIA 900 XGL graphics card. "Doing a full CGI comic book of this level has never been done before, so staying true to the comic book medium and storytelling while adhering to the limitations of CGI has been challenging," said Scott Christian Sava, owner of Blue Dream Studios. By utilizing 3Ds Max and 3DBOXX, Blue Dream was able to model the more than 400 frames and nearly 100 pages for the comic book series. "We were able to give superhero characters a stylized look by doing all the things they do in hand-drawn comics, including all those crazy poses Spidey gets into, as well as add dynamic lighting and incredible scenery," explained Sava. SPIDER-MAN: QUALITY OF LIFE Issue #1 is now available. For more information about 3D comics from Blue Dream Studios visit their Website at