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3D Toolkit Goes Free!

dvGarage, Electric Image and are bringing free 3D to the masses by offering a new trial version of the 3D Toolkit including the Electric Image Universe: 3D Toolkit Version, which saves and renders, without watermarks, for 30 days. In order to train users quickly, the trial version also includes 11 of dvGarage's tutorials, designed to get users familiar with the important aspects of using 3D software. Because the software has been used in over 40 feature films, including STAR WARS: EPISODE I and STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT, and is reasonably priced at $199, Electric Image and dvGarage are targeting fan and indie filmmakers who need computer graphics for their film work by partnering with, one of the largest STAR WARS fansites on the Web. "We are very excited to bring this opportunity to our members," said Jeff Yankey, Webmaster of "Electric Image Universe and the 3D Toolkit form the perfect 3D package for fan filmmakers. What's better than building your STAR WARS fan film with software used in the actual movies?" The new trial version of the 3D Toolkit is MacOS9/OSX/PC compatible and the free download is available from, or