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3D Printing Company Announces Official Launch

Moddler, a 3D printing company for digital entertainment creators, has officially launched their San Francisco, CA-based business specializing in turning digital designs into real three-dimensional models.

Moddler is the ultimate 3D printing company for today's digital content creators, ranging from digital animation studios and visual effects companies, to individual artists and video game companies. Specializing in turning digital models into incredibly detailed physical models, Moddler fulfills an unrecognized and untapped marketplace niche. Moddler's physical models are used as maquettes for design validation, high-end gifts for clients or team members, physical props and more. The beauty of Moddler's services is that their use, need and application are infinite.

A digital process similar to inkjet printing is the basis for Moddler's output. The models are made in-house at Moddler utilizing layers of resin stacked one on top of the other. Each layer is a mere 16 microns thick, equal to a fraction of the thickness of a human hair. Moddler is able to turn virtually any form that fits within their build envelope into a highly accurate, richly detailed 3D model within a matter of days.

Moddler was founded by Emmy winner and VFX veteran John Vegher who brings over 14 years of digital production experience to the business. Prior to establishing Moddler, Vegher was a founding member of Giant Killer Robots and Pixel Liberation Front. During his time at GKR, Vegher contributed to Academy Award winning films such as WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and HAPPY FEET.

"Countless times I wished that I had a physical model of something we were designing on the computer. It is infinitely easier to talk about and understand something you are holding in your hand, something that exists in the real world, rather than a flat image on a computer monitor. If a two-dimensional picture is worth 1,000 words, how many words is a three-dimensional model worth? At Moddler, we answer that question," states Moddler Principal/Founder, John Vegher.

For more information about Moddler's 21st-century model making process and to transform your digital designs into an exquisite 3D model, visit