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3D Character Animator Lew Releases Instructional Animation Series on DivX Video

Jeff Lew, creator of the popular KILLER BEAN series of 3D animated shorts, released a three-part series of instructional character animation videos in secure, high-quality DivX video on Nov. 11, 2003. Available for download and purchase on and LEARNING 3D CHARACTER ANIMATION WITH JEFF LEW provides step-by-step instruction for creating great-looking animation.

The new videos are offered for purchase through the DivX Open Video System, an end-to-end solution for the secure delivery of high quality video-on-demand. The DivX video-on-demand service enables consumers with high-speed Internet connections to purchase or rent full-length, DVD-quality videos and begin viewing them almost immediately. DivX video compression technology has become the de facto standard for digital video, providing amazing10:1 compression ratio from MPEG-2 while offering full-screen, DVD quality playback.

Users can purchase the three videos and view the content as many times as they'd like with full fast forward, rewind and pause capability. The series is broken down into three videos that offer instruction on all facets of 3D animation. Part 1 covers tools and technical methods, Part 2 addresses artistic principles and applications and Part 3 applies the lessons taught in the first two videos to offer a complete animation example. The first two videos can be purchased for a one-time price of $19.99 each, and the third part is available for download for $14.99.

"In addition to being intuitive and user-friendly, the DivX video-on-demand system offers immediate international reach to the global community of animation fans who might not otherwise have access to my work," Lew remarked. "Without costly shipping costs, anyone in the world can now easily download the whole series of videos to view as many times as they'd like."

Jeff Lew is a self taught animator who has worked at several studios on projects ranging from feature films (THE MATRIX RELOADED, LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION, X-MEN) to special venue projects (AMAZING ADVENTURES OF SPIDER-MAN: UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ride film) He has been the lead animator as well as an animation director.

San Diego, California-based DivXNetworks is a consumer-focused video technology company positioned at the center of multimedia convergence. The company's core offering is the DivX video codec, the world's leading MPEG-4 compatible video compression technology with more than100 million users worldwide.