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3D Artoonic Pilot Headed for Cartoon Forum

ARTOONIC, a new Italian 3D series pilot about an inept polar bear's attempts to catch a baby seal in the glaciers, will participate in Cartoon Forum 2003 (Sept. 17-21 in Verese, Italy). The 13x5 series, an Inarc Progetti srl production that's created and directed by Daniele Bigi (creator of the short NMA and a collaborator on ROBOTA) and produced by Alfio Balsamo and Gaby Kiss-Maerth, will utilize traditional cartoon techniques and without any dialogue. Animation and rendering are being done in Maya and modeling is being performed in LightWave 3D. Hewlett Packard is providing the renderfarm.

Credits include: Antonello Dalena and Emilio Urbano (character designer), Gianmarco Villa (background designer and special fx), Paolo Arisi (storyboard artist), Federico Cascinelli (animation consultant), Alvise Avati (animation), Marcello Barone (additional animator), Gianmarco Villa (modeler), Stefano Prosdocimo (object modeler. In addition, Bigi is the art director and performs light, textures and rendering.

The trailer and pilot may be downloaded at For further info go to