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32TEN Studios Announces New Projects

Practical and visual effects company 32TEN Studios announces the completion of new projects for Symantec and FXPhD.

San Rafael, CA –

Practical and visual effects company 32TEN Studios recently completed projects for technology developer Symantec and online VFX school FXPhD.

For Symantec, 32TEN designed and built a practical prop “Data Center,” which is seen in an online 60-second promo spot. In the spot, the Data Center model is seen being hurled off a launch pad on top of the 18-story San Jose City Hall building and smashing into pieces on the sidewalk. This IDC Technology Spotlight video discussed the growth of Linux in enterprises, and Symantec’s role in helping it become a resilient and agile platform.

“There is no one in the Bay Area other than the FX team at 32TEN that could have pulled of this stunt safely and effectively,” said GB Films’ Andy Hill, director of the Symantec spot. GB Films was the spot’s producer.

In addition, 32TEN also recently worked on a three-day session for FXPhD, a subscription-based website offering online training for post production, visual effects, and motion graphics. At 32TEN, the FXPhD team first discussed in pre-production matching an actor on fire, and then the 32TEN Team assembled a highly innovative rig that offered a few options and a great looking element that the FXPhD team could use to start test-comping into a shot. 

“I cannot say enough about how impressive the team at 32TEN is – wow,” said Mike Seymour, Co-Founder of FXPhD. “Of course the 32TEN team comes from the ILM Model shop. You would be a fool to not think any shoot with this ex-ILM crew would not be awesome, but on set – with all the complexity of filming for FXPhD, with some 20 attendees – and the complexity of providing teaching and educational focus to them, this crew has just blown through shots.”

Source: 32TEN Studios

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