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3 Ring Circus Brands Greek Mega Channel

3 Ring Circus, a leading creative branding firm in Los Angeles, California, has re-launched the Mega Channel, the number one rated broadcast television network in Greece. Mega sought to solidify its position as a leader and trendsetter in the Greek market when it retained 3 Ring Circus to develop a new "look" for its re-launch.

CD Maziar Majd and exec producer John Sideropoulos hand-delivered the project and worked closely with Mega's in-house design department for implementation and support at their facilities in Greece.

"This project grew out of Mega's need to redefine itself and expand viewership within the Greek television market, said Majd. To accomplish this, they researched Megas competitors. Encouraged by our client to take a radical departure from their existing branding efforts, we came up with an approach that would spark an emotive response in the viewer and convey the idea of clarity."

Lead designer Inka Kardys developed a look that consisted of organic curves and spherical lens-like elements that led the viewer through an abstract landscape, punctuated by magnified reveals of thematically relevant subject matter. We developed a technique that, we believe, elegantly brought to life the sweeping curves and intricacies of the design, Majd added. We wanted the final result to convey the sense of fluidity that one sees in underwater motion."

The spots were done on Macs using Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, 3ds max and Maya.

The studio developed a series of vibrant color palates and themes that could be used for various day parts, and which could be rolled out as part of future branding efforts.

Jim Capp produced the spot with music composed by Julie DEscrivan. Matt Hall provided design and animation with Kardys while Mike Townshend did 3D animation.

Founded in Los Angeles in l994, 3 Ring Circus ( specializes in blending many disciplines, including strategy, design, image, promotion and production. The company has designed, created and produced highly memorable branding campaigns for many of the world's leading entertainment and broadcast companies and corporations. 3 Ring Circus' U.S. clients have included ABC, FOX, Showtime, Discovery, A&E, Telemundo, Paramount, DirecTV, DreamWorks, Target, Lexus and Reebok. Other international clients include Sony, Universal, MGM, Televisa, Star TV and RTL.