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3-D CG Art Contest For SIGGRAPH 2008

Stereoscopic 3-D is easily one of the most talked about technologies in the gaming market, and Meant to be Seen, CGArena, and iZ3D have teamed up to launch a special 3-D CG art contest at SIGGRAPH with the help of some exciting prizes put forward by leading industry members.

Stereoscopic 3-D refers to the ability to display true volumetric 3-D content through 2-D media. Examples include explosions that pop out of the screen, and a sense of depth that makes players think they can reach inside the game. 3-D technology is quickly becoming the equipment of choice for avid gamers and has already shown as much as 3:1 revenue benefits over 2-D theaters in the Hollywood cinema space with films like BEOWULF, JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, and U23D.

"We wanted a fun way to show how easy it is to turn ordinary CG art into something visually exciting through stereoscopic 3-D technology. Working with Meant to be Seen and CGArena to make this happen at SIGGRAPH made perfect sense for us," said David Chechelashvili, VP of Marketing for iZ3D and makers of the leading stereoscopic 3-D display and software driver solution.

Contestants are asked to submit stereoscopic 3-D images of their CG artwork to a special page on The left and right images must be in a minimum 1680X1050 resolution (16:10 aspect ratio) and in full color. To make this easier for artists, Meant to be Seen ( has written quick guides to help CG artists convert and/or capture their images in stereoscopic 3-D.

Meant to be Seen is the foremost authority group on consumer stereoscopic 3-D technology. It has quickly become the largest 3-D community in existence by working jointly with its members and partners to grow the stereoscopic 3-D gaming industry through advocacy and business relationships. Their site features industry interviews, 3-D game reviews, active forums, game certification and a member driven massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) called MTBS Nations at War.

"It's a misnomer to think that stereoscopic 3-D photography is difficult. We have two guides: one very basic, and the second more advanced depending on the artists' preference and goals. Even if submitted images don't come out quite right, we have the means to adjust and correct them in most cases," explained Neil Schneider, President & CEO of Meant to be Seen.

Similarly, is a leading graphics and animation portal where CG professionals and enthusiasts can read news and tutorials, download magazines, submit artistic work, find jobs and participate in contests like this. Members also enjoy exchanging ideas about animation, film, editing and more.

"We like a challenge and are really impressed by what stereoscopic 3-D does for gaming and for the CG artistic form. We are excited to see what our members and contest participants come up with," said Ashish Rastogi, CEO of

Prizes up for grabs include:

First Place: One iZ3D 22" monitorSecond Place: One ATI 4800 series GPUThird Place: A 50 percent discount on an iZ3D monitor + Flatout 2 GameFour Runners Up: UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3 by Epic Games

Before artists submit their work, they are encouraged to participate with the and forums to discuss their images with fellow members to get the best results.

The theme of the contest is "wacky video game characters," and artwork can feature lone characters or characters on landscapes.

While equally accepted, more scrutiny will be placed on creative 3-D effectiveness and object placement when artists use ready-made models in their submitted work. Ready-made models will require the original artist's permission or a similar license to submit. "Work in progress" art is encouraged. Declare your graphics sources when submitting artwork (e.g. self created, ready-made, etc.).

Judged by iZ3D and Meant to be Seen, images are being accepted from today until the evening of August 10. Winners will be announced on August 13 at the iZ3D booth at SIGGRAPH.

CGArena: www.cgarena.comMeant to be Seen: www.mtbs3D.comiZ3D:

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