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3-D Auto-Stereoscopic Workflow Demonstrated with Autodesk Software

Press Release from Alioscopy USA

Alioscopy USA, a 3D visualization technology provider, today announced its involvement with Autodesk, Inc. at the 2009 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center (April 20-23, 2009). Located at the Autodesk booth (South Hall, Booth SL 2120), Alioscopy is demonstrating finished auto-stereoscopic 3D content playing on its LCD display, and will provide information on how artists and technical directors (TDs) can use Autodesk 3ds Max software (with planned future support for Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Softimage software) and Autodesk Toxik software to help create and composite auto-stereoscopic 3D animated content for play-back on Alioscopy LCD displays.

Alioscopy is a pioneer of 'no-glasses' auto-stereoscopic 3D display technology, and is building a community of 3D artists to learn and master the techniques of creating Alioscopy-ready templates and content for playback on Alioscopy LCD displays fitted with a proprietary lenticular lens that makes audiences almost feel what they are seeing. Industries ideal for Alioscopy digital signage display solutions include: retail, hospitality, medical visualization, serious games and 3D games, casinos and gaming, theatre lobbies, trade shows and exhibitions, concerts and events.

At NAB, Alioscopy is demonstrating how artists can create scripts and expressions for their 3D content and perform the necessary Red-Green-Blue (RGB) sub-pixel separation that corresponds to the Alioscopy 8-view interleaving process -- resulting in the unique Alioscopy auto-stereoscopic 3D 'no-glasses' effect. Using certain Autodesk 3D software and Toxik, 3D artists can streamline workflow by not having to go into-and-out of multiple applications to complete the 8-view mixing process. To learn more about the Alioscopy mixing process, look at the diagram at:

"Alioscopy is thrilled to be a part of the Autodesk NAB 2009 exhibit and highlight the complementary workflow between our auto-stereoscopic 3D technology and certain products in the family of Autodesk 3D and compositing solutions," said Philippe Roche, CEO and President of Alioscopy USA. "There is an explosion of 3D stereo films hitting the theatres this year which is driving unprecedented interest in stereoscopic 3D. The association between Autodesk and Alioscopy products will introduce 3D artists and compositors to a growing creative community, and open up business-to-business (B2B) opportunities in new markets to provide attention-getting, immersive 3D -- without glasses -- where audiences almost feel what they are seeing," added Roche.

Alioscopy recently won the DailyDOOH "Best In Show Award" from Media Expo Europe, given to products and technologies that represent the most innovative product, the most thought provoking solution, or something that caught the judges' eyes and inspired or excited them. Judged among five other auto-stereoscopic 3D solutions, Alioscopy won for its headache-free display that gave the most crisp and clear image. Alioscopy was found to be 'streets ahead' of its competition.