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2D3 Makes boujou Mac-Friendly At NAB 2003

2d3 has made its Professional 3D camera matchmoving software boujou available now for Mac artists and is demonstrating it at the NAB 2003 convention in Las Vegas. boujou for Mac OSX will ship soon with the powerful feature set of boujou 2.1, also available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

"We really love Macs and we really love boujou," said Brian Drewes, managing director of Brickyard VFX. "Having boujou on the Mac will be a tremendous advantage. In environments like ours, where Macs are sitting there right next to our SGI workstation, it's great to not have to integrate a totally different workstation to solve difficult cameratracking shots."

"Macs have always been widely used throughout the broadcast and film industry and touch every part of the professional workflow," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vp of worldwide developer relations. "2d3 has done a great job in creating a Mac OS X version of its proven and powerful boujou software, specifically built for the difficult process of shot tracking in 3D. Mac OS X's standards-based architecture and advancedimaging technology creates a powerful platform for 2D, 3D, film and video solutions."

boujou has been widely used on commercial, television and feature film projects whenever digital elements need to be seamlessly added into live-action scenes. It was awarded the 2002 Primetime Emmy Engineering Award from the Television Academy for facilitating the creation of visual effects combining live-action and 3D.

Enhancements in boujou 2.1 include re-design of the application's engine to always return a tracked shot as well as to make it faster, more reliable and accurate. It also incorporates advanced tools and an enhanced workflow, with new intervention features that allow users to better tailor a track to the needs of a project, their experience level and the time available. Adjustments can be made without the need to re-track entireshots. boujou 2.1 adds support for import formats including MOV, AVI, Cineon, JPEG, PGM, PPM, Softimage PIC, SGI, TGA, PNG and TIFF. Camera path and 3D geometry can be exported directly to industry-standard animation applications, while 2D tracks can be exported to products such as Shake. For sales and pricing details go to

boujou has been used in the feature films including the first two HARRY POTTER movies, THE MATRIX sequels, the TOMB RAIDER franchise, BLACK HAWK DOWN and X-MEN 2, in television productions such as DINOTOPIA, BAND OF BROTHERS and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and in commercials, music promos and architectural and industrial visualizations. OMG is the parent company of 2d3 and Vicon Motion Systems, one of the most widely used motion capture systems in the world.