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2D or Not 2D Festival Announces Winners

The 2D or Not 2D Animation Festival, held Nov. 1-3 in Everett, Washington, has announced the winners of this year's event celebrating traditional, hand-drawn animation. The winners of the "Golden Pencil" award are:

* 2D Animation/Best Film: LOST UTOPIA (Mirai Mizue)* 2D Animation/Best Animation in a Film: THE CHESTNUT TREE (Hyun-min Lee)* Student Film/ Best Film: GEIRALD THE 5-LEGGED SPIDER (Sam Rusztyn)* Student Film/ Best Animation in a Film: I AM PILLOW CAT (Elaine Lee)* Digital Media/Best Film: FISH (HyunJeen Lee)* Digital Media/ Best Animation in a Film: MOVEMENT AND STILLNESS (Yi-Hsuan Kent Chiu)* All-style Animation/ Best Film: ALIEN FOR CHRISTMAS (Dave Pryor)* All-style Animation/ Best Animation in a Film: MY HAPPY END (Milen Vitano)

In addition to the above films, Merit awards -- a certificate-based prize given to films that contain "some 'extra' form of content or artistry that is worthy of recognition" -- were bestowed on THE LIBRARIAN FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (Galen Fott), 2 (Kim Anderson), THE INTRUDER (Alessandro Ceglia), FOR THE LOVE OF GOD (Joe Tucker), THE SPACE BURGER (Sookyoung Choi), T.O.M. (Tom Brown), BAI RI MENG (DAYDREAM) (Jennifer Tippins), THE TREE WITH THE LIGHTS IN IT (Jason Harrington), and EVERYTHING WILL BE OK (Don Hertzfeldt).

The "Roy E. Disney Award," a non-competitive award presented to a person or organization considered to have made a considerable contribution to the art of animation, was presented to producer (and 18-time Academy Award nominee) Don Hahn, who also served as the festivalâs keynote speaker.

The 2D or Not 2D festival is produced by the Animaticus Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 by award-winning animator and author Tony White. The foundation is dedicated to "the advancement, education and evolution of the traditional, hand-drawn animated artform in the current digital age."