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2D Animated ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Feature Underway

Melbourne-based Iluzija Animation Studio tackles a traditionally 2D animated version of Gaston Leroux's classic tale, “The Phantom of the Opera.”

Fans of 2D animation will be excited to know that a full, feature-length version of The Phantom of the Opera is currently in progress.

Coming from Melbourne-based Iluzija Animation Studio, The Phantom of the Opera takes Gaston Leroux's classic tale into the realm of traditional 2D animation. The story follows the disfigured and misunderstood music genius, Erik, who lives in the basement of the opera house, and his infatuation for his protégé Christine, who is torn between her mentor and her love for her childhood sweetheart Raoul. Check out the trailer, below:

The book has had many great adaptations, from the Andrew Lloyd Webber stage production to numerous Hollywood films, but never has there been a full, feature-length 2D animation film. A Kickstarter campaign has been mounted to help fund the project, which, with another 14 days to go, already has 100 backers.

Source: Iluzija Animation Studio

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