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2008 Machinima Film Festival

2008 Machinima Film FestivalDeadline: September 12, 2008November 1, 2008

The Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences (AMAS) has opened the call for submissions for the 2008 Machinima Film Festival, which will be held Saturday, November 1, 2008, at Eyebeam, a multi-disciplinary art and technology center in New York City. Filmmakers interested in submitting their work for the 2008 Machinima Awards ("The Mackies") should do so by Friday, Sept. 12.

As in years past, the 2008 Machinima Festival will feature panel discussions with prominent machinima filmmakers from around the world discussing this new form of cinema which often uses popular video games like HALO 3, WORLD OF WARCRAFT and THE SIMS as source material for entirely new and often subversive works.

The main highlight of the 2008 Machinima Festival is the awards ceremony honoring the best new machinima movies produced in 17 categories, beginning at 8 p.m. This year also sees the introduction of new award categories, notably "Best Long Format" recognizing the increasing number of feature-length productions, and "Best Game Studio Machinima" honoring realtime cutscenes and cinematics found in today's next-generation titles.

Hailed as the "Sundance for the Video Game Set" by MTV News, the Machinima Festival evolved from its humble beginnings as an adjunct to QuakeCon in Mesquite, Texas in 2002, into the field's definitive celebration and showcase. The event, which is organized and produced by AMAS, consistently draws hundreds of machinima professionals, enthusiasts and critics, who gather to explore the works of modern innovators, network and discuss the future of the industry.

Detailed submission requirements and instructions can be found online at

Interested parties may also contact AMAS at:

WHERE: Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st Street, (between 10th and 11th Avenues), New York, New York, 10011 USA.WHEN: 11 a.m.-11 p.m. (Awards Ceremony at 8 p.m.)PHONE: (212) 937-6580