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2007 -- 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations Revealed

Animated shows from FOX, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon are all in contention for an Emmy this year.

HEROES, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and others are in the running for the big vfx awards.

Nominations for the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards were announced Thursday, July 17, at 5:35 a.m. PT from the Television Academy's Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood, California.

On Sunday, September 21 at 8 pm (ET/PT) the telecast awarding Primetime Emmys in 29 categories will be presented before a black-tie audience and televised by the ABC Television Network from the NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE.

The three major animation awards are as follows:

Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour)

CREATURE COMFORTS AMERICA -- "Don't Choke To Death, Please" -- CBS -- Aardman Animations production in association with The Gotham GroupKit Boss, Executive ProducerMiles Bullough, Executive ProducerEllen Goldsmith-Vein, Executive ProducerPeter Lord, Executive ProducerNick Park, Executive ProducerDavid Sproxton, Executive ProducerPeter McHugh, Co-Executive ProducerJacqueline White, Supervising ProducerKenny Micka, ProducerGareth Owen, ProducerMerlin Crossingham, DirectorDave Osmand, DirectorRichard Goleszowski, Supervising Director

KING OF THE HILL -- "Death Picks Cotton" -- FOX -- 20th Century Fox Television in association with 3 Arts Ent., Deedle-Dee Productions & Judgemental FilmsMike Judge, Executive ProducerGreg Daniels, Executive ProducerJohn Altschuler, Executive Producer/WriterDave Krinsky, Executive ProducerJim Dauterive, Executive ProducerGarland Testa, Executive ProducerTony Gama-Lobo, Supervising ProducerRebbeca May, Supervising ProducerChristy Stratton, Supervising ProducerJoe Boucher, Supervising ProducerMark McJimsey, ProducerMalisa Caroselli, Animation Executive ProducerStephanie Elliott, Animation ProducerJudah Miller, WriterMurray Miller, WriterTony Kluck, DirectorWes Archer, Supervising DirectorPhilippe Angeles, Overseas Animation DirectorBrenda Chat, Overseas Animation Director

ROBOT CHICKEN -- "Robot Chicken: Star Wars" -- Cartoon Network -- ShadowMachine FilmsSeth Green, Executive Producer/Writer/DirectorMatthew Senreich, Executive Producer/WriterMike Lazzo, Executive ProducerKeith Crofford, Executive ProducerCorey Campodonico, ProducerAlex Bulkley, ProducerDouglas Goldstein, Head WriterTom Root, Head WriterJordan Allen-Dutton, WriterMike Fasolo, WriterCharles Horn, WriterBreckin Meyer, WriterHugh Sterbakov, WriterErik Weiner, WriterMark Caballero, Animation Director

THE SIMPSONS -- "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" -- FOX -- Gracie Films in association with 20th Century FoxJames L. Brooks, Executive ProducerMatt Groening, Executive ProducerAl Jean, Executive ProducerIan Maxtone-Graham, Executive ProducerMatt Selman, Executive ProducerTim Long, Executive ProducerJohn Frink, Co-Executive ProducerKevin Curran, Co-Executive ProducerMichael Price, Co-Executive ProducerBill Odenkirk, Co-Executive ProducerMarc Wilmore, Co-Executive ProducerJoel H. Cohen, Co-Executive ProducerRon Hauge, Co-Executive ProducerRob Lazebnik, Co-Executive ProducerLaurie Biernacki, Animation ProducerRick Polizzi, Animation ProducerJ. Stewart Burns, Written ByChuck Sheetz, Directed ByMark Kirkland, Supervising DirectorJess Espanola, Assistant DirectorPatricia Shinagawa, Animation Timer

SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS -- "Inmates of Summer"/"Two Faces of Squidward" -- Nickelodeon -- Nickelodeon with United Plankton Pictures, Inc.Stephen Hillenburg, Executive ProducerPaul Tibbit, Co-Executive Producer/Supervising ProducerCharlie Bean, Written By/Storyboard DirectorAaron Springer, Written By/Storyboard DirectorChris Reccardi, Written By/Storyboard DirectorSteven Banks, Writtten ByDani Michaeli, Written ByAlan Smart, Supervising Director/Animation DirectorTom Yasumi, Animation Director

Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour Or More)

"Blue Harvest" (FAMILY GUY) -- FOX -- Fuzzy Door Productions in association with Fox Television Animation StudiosSeth MacFarlane, Executive ProducerDavid A. Goodman, Executive ProducerChris Sheridan, Executive ProducerDanny Smith, Co-Executive ProducerMark Hentemann, Co-Executive ProducerSteve Callaghan, Co-Executive ProducerAlex Borstein, Supervising ProducerMike Henry, Supervising ProducerAlec Sulkin, Supervising Producer/WriterWellesley Wild, Supervising ProducerKara Vallow, ProducerShannon Smith, Animation ProducerDominic Polcino, DirectorPeter Shin, Supervising DirectorJoseph Lee, Assistant DirectorAndi Klein, Timing Supervisor

"Imaginationland" (SOUTH PARK) -- Comedy Central -- Central ProductionsTrey Parker, Executive Producer/Written By/Directed ByMatt Stone, Executive ProducerAnne Garefino, Executive ProducerFrank Agnone II, Supervising ProducerKyle McCulloch, ProducerEric Stough, ProducerBruce Howell, ProducerAdrien Beard, ProducerVernon Chatman, ProducerErica Rivinoja, ProducerPam Brady, ProducerRyan Quincy, Director of Animation

JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER -- Warner Bros. on demand -- Warner Bros. AnimationBruce Timm, Executive ProducerSander Schwartz, Executive ProducerMichael Goguen, Supervising ProducerDavid Bullock, Directed ByStan Berkowitz, Written ByDarwyn Cooke, Written By (Additional Material)James Tim Walker, Animation Timing Supervisor

Outstanding Special Class - Short-Format Animated Programs

CAMP LAZLO -- "Lazlo's First Crush" -- Cartoon Network -- Cartoon Network StudiosJoe Murray, Executive ProducerBrian A. Miller, Executive ProducerMark O'Hare, Supervising ProducerJennifer Pelphrey, Supervising ProducerJanet Dimon, ProducerBrian Sheesley, Supervising Director/Directed ByWon Dong Kun, Animation DirectorJohn Infantino, Storyboard Director/Written ByPiero Piluso, Written ByMerriweather Williams, Story ByKaz Prapuolenis, Story BySteve Little, Story ByDoug Gallery, Timer

CHOWDER -- "Burple Nurples" -- Cartoon Network -- Cartoon Network StudiosC.H. Greenblatt, Executive Producer/Story ByBrian A. Miller, Executive ProducerJennifer Pelphrey, Supervising ProducerLouis J. Cuck, ProducerJuli Hashiguchi, DirectorWilliam Reiss, Story ByEddy Houchins, Supervising Director

The two major vfx award nominees are as follows:

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA "He That Believeth In Me" -- Sci Fi Channel -- Universal Media Studios in association with R & D TVGary Hutzel, Visual Effects SupervisorMichael Gibson, Visual Effects ProducerDavid Takemura, Visual Effects CoordinatorDoug Drexler, CGI SupervisorKyle Toucher, CG ArtistSean Jackson, CG ArtistPierre Drolet, CG ModelerAurore de Blois, Senior CompositorDerek Ledbetter, Compositor

HEROES -- "Four Months Ago" -- NBC -- Universal Media Studios in association with Tail Wind ProductionsEric Grenaudier, Visual Effects SupervisorMark Spatny, Visual Effects ProducerGary D’Amico, Special Effects SupervisorMike Enriquez, Lead CGI ArtistMichael Cook, Lead CGI ArtistDiego Galtieri, Lead Visual Effects CompositorRyan Wieber, Lead Visual Effects CompositorChris Martin, Lead Visual Effects CompositorDaniel Kumiega, Lead CGI Animator

HUMAN BODY: PUSHING THE LIMITS -- "Strength" -- Discovery Channel -- Dangerous Films Ltd. in association with Discovery ChannelTim Goodchild, Visual Effects SupervisorLouise Hussey, Visual Effects ProducerMike Tucker, Special Effects SupervisorNick Kool, Lead Model MakerHayden Jones, CGI SupervisorMark Pascoe, Lead CGI ArtistAngela Noble, Lead CGI ArtistPeter Tyler, Visual Effects Cameraman

JERICHO -- "Patriots And Tyrants" -- CBS -- CBS Paramount TelevisionAndrew Orloff, Visual Effects SupervisorBlythe Dalton, Visual Effects ProducerJohn Stirber, Special Effects SupervisorChris Jones, Compositing SupervisorMichael Cliett, CGI SupervisorLane Jolly, Lead Visual Effects CompositorJohnathan R. Banta, Lead Matte ArtistJosh Hooker, Lead CGI Artist

STARGATE ATLANTIS -- "Adrift" -- Sci Fi Channel -- Pegasus IIIMark Savela, Visual Effects SupervisorShannon Gurney, Visual Effects CoordinatorErica Henderson, Lead Visual Effects CompositorJason Gross, CGI SupervisorJamie Yukio Kawano, Lead CGI ArtistMichael Lowes, Lead CGI ArtistGiles Hancock, Lead Matte ArtistJeremy Kehler, Lead Visual Effects CompositorDaniel Osaki, Lead Model Maker

TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES -- "Pilot" -- FOX -- C2 Pictures in association with Warner Bros. TelevisionJames Lima, Visual Effects SupervisorChris Zapara, CG SupervisorLane Jolly, Compositing SupervisorSteve Graves, 3D Modeler/AnimatorRick Schick, CompositorJeff West, CompositorBradley Mullennix, Modeler

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special

COMANCHE MOON -- "Part 1" -- CBS -- The Firm/Sony Pictures Television/CBS ParamountScott Ramsey, Visual Effects SupervisorRandy Moore, Special Effects SupervisorChris Martin, Visual Effects CompositorMegan Omi, Visual Effects CompositorRichard Sachar, Visual Effects CompositorRagui Hanna, Visual Effects CompositorDaniel Kumiega, Visual Effects AnimatorCedric Tomacruz, Matte PainterKristin Johnson, Matte Painter

THE COMPANY -- "Part 2" -- TNT -- Scott Free/John Callery Productions in association with Sony Pictures TelevisionViktor Muller, Visual Effects SupervisorVit Komrzy, Visual Effects ProducerJan Vseticek, Visual Effects CoordinatorMiro Gal, Lead Digital CompositorPeter Nemec, Lead Digital CompositorJiri Stamfest, Lead Digital Matte PainterJaroslav Matys, Lead 3D Digital Artist

JOHN ADAMS -- "Join Or Die" -- HBO -- Playtone in association with HBO FilmsErik Henry, Visual Effects SupervisorJeff Goldman, Visual Effects SupervisorPaul Graff, Visual Effects SupervisorSteve Kullback, Visual Effects ProducerChristina Graff, Visual Effects ProducerDavid Van Dyke, Visual Effects ProducerRobert Stromberg, Visual Effects DesignerEdwardo Mendez, Compositing SupervisorKen Gorrell, Special Effects Coordinator

LIFE AFTER PEOPLE -- History Channel -- Flight 33 Productions for History Television Network Productions, A&E Television NetworksMatt Drummond, Visual Effects SupervisorMax Ivins, Visual Effects SupervisorSteffen Schlachtenhaufen, Visual Effects ProducerMelinka Thompson-Godoy, Visual Effects ProducerAndrea D’Amico, Visual Effects ProducerDanny Kim, Matte Painter/CompositorDave Morton, Lead Visual Effects ArtistJim May, Digital ArtistCasey Benn, Digital Artist

TIN MAN -- "Part 1" -- Sci Fi Channel -- RHI Ent.Lee Wilson, Visual Effects SupervisorLisa Sepp-Wilson, Visual Effects ProducerSébastien Bergeron, Digital Effects SupervisorTodd Liddiard, Lead Visual Effecs CompositorPhilippe Thibault, Lead Visual Effects CompositorLes Quinn, CGI SupervisorMike Goddard, Lead CGI ArtistKen Lee, Lead CGI ArtistAndrew Domachowski, Lead CGI Artist

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