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2001 Harvey Award Winners Announced

The 2001 Harvey Awards were presented April 27, 2001 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Named for the late comic genius Harvey Kurtzman, the Harveys are one of the comics industry's oldest and most prestigious awards. They are the only awards in comics both nominated and selected by the vote of the full body of creative comics professionals. Three Harvey Awards were bestowed upon Chris Ware, including Best Series and Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work for ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY, and the Special Award for Excellence in Presentation for Pantheon's Acme collection, JIMMY CORRIGAN. In what is surely a comics award record, the legendary Will Eisner took home honors for work created 60 years apart. Eisner's recent LAST DAY IN VIETNAM was voted Best Original Graphic Album, while the collections of his 1940s strip, THE SPIRIT, won for Best Domestic Reprint Project. In one of the more evenly distributed Harvey Awards ceremonies in recent years, Eisner and Ware were the only multiple-award-winning creators. Longtime MAD contributor Al Jaffe was recognized by his peers with the coveted award for Best Cartoonist -- a particular honor since Kurtzman himself was co-creator of the original MAD Magazine. A complete list of winners can be found on-line at: