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1949 Batman and Robin Serial on DVD

While waiting for BATMAN BEGINS, you might want to check out an early serial on DVD, BATMAN AND ROBIN THE COMPLETE 1949 MOVIE SERIAL COLLECTION (Columbia TriStar Home Ent., $29.95), available March 22. Be forewarned: Its even campier than the TV series, and apparently not as good as an earlier 1943 serial, but, still, its a Dark Knight relic for those who want to explore the entire oeuvre. The 15-episode, two-disc set features capers and cliffhangers galore, as Robert Lowery and Johnny Duncan fight The Wizard, who wants to control the world with a remote control death ray. Watch for Ed Wood regular Lyle Talbot as Commissioner Gordon. How fitting. Produced by Jungle Sam Katzman and directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet. No extras.

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